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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. . breaking news. a car plunge into the canal in northwest washington. aaron gilchrist joins us live
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from the intersection. how did this happen? >> reporter: that is a really good question right now. this is bizarre. the police are investing this. let me show you what we have seen. if you look into the canal you see the piece of white metal in the water near the bridge? that we believe is the back of a truck that went into the canal around 9:00 this evening. how it got there we don't know. there is a road there, a dirt path if you will. i think that is the capital crescent trail which starts down in georgetown. we are at fox hall and canal road. so it seems as though the vehicle may have entered somewhere down near georgetown and come down the road through the water here and back on to the road and somehow ended up in the water.
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look at video that we shot earlier. this is the gentleman we believe who was driving this truck being questioned by the park police trying to figure out what happened here and how that truck ended up in the water. while that investigation is happening no one was seriously hurt. we got that from the park police. but that is all he could tell us. we don't know if anyone has been arrested or taken to a hospital. but we can tell you that there is still a vehicle in the water here and that no one was seriously hurt as a result of the vehicle going in there. back to owe. >> thank you, aaron. also tonight yet another victim of a street robber in the district. it happened at 11th and s northwest and follows a violent weekend of five other street robberies across northwest d.c. jackie bensen has our report on this one. >> reporter: this latest crime
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happened at 7:30 tonight here at 11th and s streets northwest. the victim was approached by two suspects who threatened the victim and may have gotten away on bicycles. it is similar to a crime that happened at 11th and u streets northwest at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. that was one of five robberies in the u street, logan and dupont circle areas yesterday. all but one happened in the afternoon. people we talked to tonight said they were unaware of the crimes. >> i think it's a great area to live and wuking down u street are safe. people just try to stay off the side streets. >> my parents would be upset if they knew i was walking by myself right now. >> reporter: based on information provided by d.c. police it appears that there may be at least two different groups
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involved in these robberies. one group two suspects may have a gun. the second group, a bit younger, they may be on bicycles. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. news4 was on the scene of a fire at a d.c. apartment building. and two were rushed to the hospital. the flames broke out in a kitchen on 3rd street southeast. changes in the weather too. nice today but raining out there now. doug what's up? >> rain came through an hour ago and some areas between 7:00 and 9:00 but the rain is about out of here. look over the last six hours how the band of showers moved through. heavier downpours in the district as a thunderstorm developed. that rain is out of the area now. and we are all clear on live digital doppler radar. we are starting to dip down.
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48 in manassas. temperatures tonight on the cool side but it's not what is going to happen tomorrow. tomorrow is looking great. but a couple of chances for nasty weather and it could be really nasty weather. i'll show you in the forecast in a few minutes. >> rain in the weather won't stop the search for a child in anover county. police are calling for volunteers to look for 9-year-old robbie wood junior. the boy is autistic and wandered off just north of richmond the a red long sleeved shirt, blue pants and blue shoes. if you want to help search for the boy show up at king's dominion at 9:00 tomorrow morning. >> in rockville they're taking a look at the security procedures at an assisted living community after an apparent murder-suicide there. albert ballard walked into the
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facility today and cull killed his 74-year-old wife sandra and shot and killed himself. the woman was receiving treatment at the rehab center at the village of rockville. her husband was not a resident there. tomorrow jury selection resumes in the trial of britney norwood she is accused of murdering her co-worker in march. potential jurors were asked whether they could disregard the media coverage of the case and make decisions only on trial evidence. most stood up when asked who had seen news accounts of the murder. a man from california was dragged to death yesterday. the hit and run driver left the 32-year-old lying on the ground in an alley on sunday morning. it happened two blocks from a metro stop. president obama is making a new attempt to ease the housing
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crisis to make it easier to refinance. he introduced a proposal that targets homeowners who are underwater with mortgages, people who own more than their homes are worth. >> for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job. where they won't act, i will. >> to qualify borrowers must have loans owned by fannie mae or freddie mac and be current on their payments. it is estimated 6 million americans still won't qualify for this plan. new information tonight as to why michele bachman's entire new hampshire staff quit without notice. the staffers blame her national campaign staff. they called them in their words rude, unprofessional, dishonest and cruel and maintain they have
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been working without a paycheck since last month. tonight there has been no response from those still on bachmann's campaign. the department of defense announced a new airman casualty. he died in a mon combat incident. miller is from washington. he was assigned to a security force squadron at andrews air force base. a rescue this afternoon high above the streets of arlington. a crane operator was sick up there and couldn't get down on his own. a firefighter climbed up the crane to reach him. the operator was placed in a basket and lowered to the ground. the crane operator taken to a hospital for treatment when he got on the ground. more comingp tonight. wait until you hear what a patient is accused of stealing at doctor's office. powerful stories of survival
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after an earthquake in turkey. it's a common virus linked to cancer. it could also put your heart at risk. a puppy's long journe
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new video out of turkey. a 24-year-old man pulled from the rubble left behind from this weekend's massive earthquake. it took 28 hours to reach him. emergency workers think that 60 other people are trapped in the rubble of that building including a two-year-old. the 7.2 magnitude quake hit yesterday. at least 300 people are already confirmed dead. defense lawyers in the
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conrad murray trial started laying out their case today. they called one of michael jackson's former doctors to the witness stand. that doctor said that jackson had trouble sleeping for years and asked for intravenous medications 15 years before he died. murray is accused of giving jackson a lethal dose of propofol. women with hpv, the human papilloma virus may be more likely to suffer heart problems. researchers at the university of texas looked at 2500 woman and found that those affected by hpv are more at risk for heart disease and that increases for women with the cancer-causing strain. one implication is that the hpv vaccine could help prevent heart disease but many more studies
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need to be done to understand this possible connection. coming up we'll tell you why a location botox doctor wants a change in the law. ♪
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a plastic surgery practice is dealing with an odd theft. doctors say a woman stole botox from them. shomaery stone has more on the story. >> reporter: the staff here thought they had seen it all but they cannot believe that someone would walk into this place. this woman was in her 50s and smiled and agreed to pay the $500. the nurse gives her the injections and she sneaks out the front door. >> it doesn't feel good for the practice. >> reporter: amy gives botox injections but last monday was an ugly experience. >> a patient came in who wanted botox. i brought her back in the room.
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we went over the routine what she was looking for. >> reporter: the woman was injected with botox. >> the patient asked me, you know, where the bathroom was. i complained to her in the hallway. >> reporter: she walked out the building. she says that the bandit gave her a fake name, address and social security number. >> the police said it is more of a civil matter. you know, versus a criminal thing. >> reporter: her boss says that the law needs to change. >> if they stole my tv it is criminal but because it is a sthafs is bartered and sold is it civil. >> is it not good to be stolen from. >> reporter: what is next? the owner of the business says he plans on contacting state officials to tee see if they can change the law. i'm shomari stone. back to you. we're getting a look at a book by michelle obama.
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this photo was released for "american grown" it will chronicle the creation of the white house kitchen garden and give readers ideas on creating urban and school gardens and how it can improve public health overall. it is supposed to hit stores in april. the proceeds will go to charity. mrs. obama is getting rain on her kitchen garden tonight. >> just a little bit. >> maybe more later this week. but we had something happen out there that we do not get here often. >> what is that? >> the aurora boreal its. >> i got a tweet saying what is that glow in the sky? i wrote back what it might be. i was talking about cloud cover but it looks like the aurora came down to our area. >> did we miss it? >> it is going to be difficult
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to see with the lights around the area. but if you think you saw that that is what you did see. it has been reported all the way down to the kentucky area. the cause is a co ronal mass ejection from the sun earlier today. cool stuff. i've never seen that. >> me either. >> right now the airport is looking good out there. we have a fairly nice evening. temperatures are down from earlier today after the cold front made its way through. the high temperature 67 degrees. very nice today. but there are problems coming later this week. as far as the temperatures go right now we are at 59 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour. the winds have shifted a bit. 48 in gaithersburg. manassas 55 degrees. here's the rain that came
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through earlier. heavier downpours with that rain right around d.c. and one bolt of lightning in prince george's county. that whole system is moving out of here. that's the cold front. behind it, all clear. here is the front here. look at it move through. here is the clear skies behind it. that is what allowed us to see the aurora. tomorrow sunny and nice with high pressure dominating the region. i think tomorrow will be a fantastic day. but then we will see big changes moving through. on wednesday clouds move in but a slight chance of a shower. thursday could be wet. the heaviest rain will stay to the north of washington but it could be rainy on thursday. friday behind the system a cool day. and saturday a potential coastal storm. tomorrow morning cool but nice. 42 to 47 degrees.
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tomorrow afternoon a beautiful day. mostly sunny looking good. 67 to 70 degrees. get out enjoy it. we're going to be on a roller coaster ride. wednesday more cloud cover. thursday a good chance for rain. 61 for a high. only 55 on friday. some areas in the low 50s. on saturday and sunday watching a storm. saturday a high of 52 if the form develops we could see 20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds and a lot of rain. but we are three to four days out but a lot of refining of the forecast but sunday looks good either way. >> sounds like we should enjoy tomorrow. >> i will go outside and check it out. >> i'm telling you that's special. we love us some ove too on the ice and in wax. check
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i guess you can't call it an excuse but we are a banged-up team. >> it's a worst-case scenario for the redskins. it's not an excuse but it is as bad as mike shanahan has seen. the skins have lost five offensive starters in two weeks. time hightower down for the season. and santana moss out five to seven weeks with a broken had. a new starting quarterback and this make-shift offense will have to learn on the fly. >> in i time you have seven new starters it is always different. john beck was practicing with
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the scout team and a lot of those players are out there now. he is comfortable with them. that was kind of a joke. >> that is the nfl. that's football. it's great to have all those guys out there. but you know what, you just got to roll with the punches. we have to win the guys we got. >> we have to try to find a way to win. the guys that will step up will be guys that will be starters. they are on the team for a reason. >> this may sound crazy but for the long-term of the team this could be a good thing. some of the young guys are getting a chance to play more. so down the road they will be more experienced. >> way to put a positive spin on an awful situation. >> that is reaching. that's a long reach. >> the expectations were so high just a couple weeks ago.
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now i think that realism has set in. and if that weren't bad enough, rex grossman has pneumonia. for a couple of tasty sport it is nuggets good news let's hit the hellie pad. the nba plans to cancel two more weeks of the regular season. the latest cancellation totals 102 game it is and run through chris proctor is questionable and a long shot to play saturday against notre dame. he has dislocated throwing elbow. and mike green missed practice today according to his agent. he twisted his ankle in saturday's win against the red wings. that was not any good news. but we have fun news here. capitals 7-0. and the one thing that would
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make them better, another alex ovechkin. believe it or not there is one. meet the wax figure unveiled at madame tussauds. artists have been working on it since july. he even has the missing tooth. alex was getting grays but this will never have grays on the wax statue. ove donated the gear. >> they say keep your head up across the blue line. his head's up. >> but he has a crazy look in his eye. >> and he does on the ice. >> wane gretzky and oce. >> a puppy on top of a train traveling 50 miles per hour and passing through
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customers are saying so long to netflix by the hundreds of thousands. 800,000 left in the quarter ended september. that is worst than the company projected. netflix lost 27% of its value just today. the woes started when the company announced that companies would have to pay extra for access to dvds by mail. the company announced that the dvd by mail service would become its own company but that idea was scrapped due to the negative suppose. a black lab puppy has a new home. a woman and her family were driving to south carolina last night. they were stopped at a light so a train could pass through.
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there was a three-month-old pup on top of the train. they saw the dog on top of the train and called 911 and followed the train. the conductor was alerted and stopped the train. the emergency crews managed to rescue the dog. the parkers adopted it. they named it boxcar. you got the love it. >> what a story that little guy could tell. so you have pictures now of the northern lights? >> this comes from space this is of the aurora in norway. they get vivid colors here. but some of the people looking at this say is it some of the strongest signatures they have seen in quite some time. a strong aurora as far south as california and arkansas. >> i saw a picture from north carolina. >> that is really amazing. can we see it out there now?
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>> it's possible. it's starting to go down. the peak but at 8:00 tonight. i wouldn't be surprised if you saw some in the suburbs without the light of the city. you might want to step outside to check it out. >> look to the north? >> for sure. northwest would be the best area to see that. we're going to be dealing with the potential for storms tomorrow. but tomorrow get out and play golf. will the be nice. 69 on tuesday, 70 on wednesday. that storm for thursday and then we'll talk about that one on saturday as we get closer. >> thank you, doug. >> thank you, doug.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community.
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because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible. show


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